All of my best friends are dead. We didn’t know this was possible, but here I am now, all alone. You know what they say, “curiosity killed the cat”… Or rather, brutally tortured it and a bunch of others for hours. Our curiosity led to the incident almost too frightful to mention, and the worst day of my life. One minute, it was us playing around. Then the next minute… the indescribable. The vast majority of people with me at the time are dead.

Before it happened, things did seem a bit eerie that day. It was almost like the world was holding its breath. And now, all of my best friends are gone. The very few who made it were me and some others who I didn’t really know. Well, I shouldn’t say we made it out. I’m practically DEAD. The people who came out with me are practically DEAD. In our minds, we had ALL slowly and brutally died that day. Dead. It really is horrible. And the worst thing is… I feel GUILTY. If only I interjected more firmly.. maybe they could still be alive. Maybe WE’D still be alive. Then we could have warned other people to watch out, without anyone getting hurt. But I didn’t do that, and so I am now living my life… alone.

Me and a gigantic group of others were just enjoying ourselves, unaware of the horror that was about to unfold. However, we came across something strange… That one member of our group shouldn’t have reached out his hand… What ensued shortly after was nothing short of a horror show. All of us started violently convulsing, and the pain that came with it was unlike anything I could ever think of. It felt like every body part imaginable was on fire, and we felt like our insides were being ripped. Tears were streaming out of our eyes. We had no idea what was happening. I only knew that there was no relief… at all.

The horrific torture lasted for HOURS. Hours of agonizing pain we had to go through. I remember the feeling of suffocation. Our vision became a horror show. The colors, man, the colors. I wish to never see those flashing colors ever, ever again. It was such a horrible sight. Some of us, including me, had seizures because of this, which just amplified the drawn-out agony. There were rapid flashes of colors such as red, blue, yellow, pink, it was agony. And then, it happened. My comrades started to vanish one-by-one. When it was my “turn”, I was sucked into what felt like Hell, but worse. I couldn’t move at all down there. I couldn’t scream either. The torturous pain I went through here was even more unimaginable than the torture we suffered before.

Eventually, I was finally taken out of that unthinkable place after a while, and me and just a few of the others returned as well, horrified. They frantically told me that they each were in the same kind of place I was in. We believe the ones who didn’t make it, the vast majority of us, are still suffering there, isolated from one another and not being able to move. They might as well be dead. WE ALL might as well be dead at this point, after that despicable day… You know, when each of us was alone in that area suffering, we believed we would continue to suffer there indefinitely, as the rest are right now. That’s why we are now practically dead. We had already accepted it.

I walked out of there a changed man, FOREVER. The very few of us who remained made a beeline out of there, and we ran and ran until we could tell everyone on the outside. We proved what had happened to them. It shocked and devastated the whole world of our game. The media put together a dreadful story that talked about all the horrific things that we witnessed. This incident had a profound effect on everyone in the game’s emotions, making some of them more wary and cautious of things.

There was an increase of talk about this game being “evil” by certain folks. There are also some that lambast us for causing it by accident, which is just messed up. There’s one man in particular who’s guilty of these two things. It was reported that some of our game’s citizens, especially the children, had become afraid of the dark after this incident. This even applies to the man I just mentioned. I guess it just added to his list of phobias.

The sloth who hates to use his hands had become a shut-in because of the accident, even though he didn’t experience it himself. This new behavior of his of course came from fear and sadness, the same kind that this incident had struck into most of the game’s inhabitants. I don’t see him go out to run very often anymore. I mean, that kind of behavior would be normal for a sloth, but not normal for him.

Needless to say, this living nightmare was the worst and most terrible thing in our game since, well, Roger Buscal. But hey, at least HE only cheats people of their money, not cheats them of their lives and peace of mind, like that [Redacted] incident we suffered! I haven’t come to terms with it, and I don’t think I ever will, but I try to remember the good times we had together. Sadly, I cannot recreate certain good times, since I can no longer go to the… Ah never mind…

We’ve had nightmares about the incident. We’ve hallucinated experiencing it all over again, colors and all. Now, every time we see any flashing colors, we shiver, and we feel sick to our stomachs. To this day, this incident haunts us. We will make sure to NEVER encounter something like it ever, ever again.


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