Video Game Programmers and Translators Wanted

(Translation update: Japanese, French, Greek, Polish, and Italian translators have been picked.)

AAAAAAAAARRRRIIIIIGHT, THIS IS IT!!!!!!!! IT IS NOOOOWWW UPON US!!!!!! THE TIIIIIIIME HAS COOOOME, THERE’S NOOOO GOIN’ BACK NOW!!!!!!!! YA BETTER DONE GET YERSELVES READY!!!!!!! IT IS TIME… for me to get some coders. Looking for a video game programming job you can do… eventually? Well, I’m gonna need some programmers for Randy’s Crazy Mission!, the indie game I’m working on. The game is a story-driven 2D platformer that takes place in the world of a bad, cartoon-based Atari 2600 game during the 1983 video game crash. It blends 70s-style animation with pixelated Atari graphics.

To start off, if this is your first time visiting this site, welcome to! If you aren’t aware of Randy’s Crazy Mission!, you absolutely need to read the first post of this blog and every other post in order leading up to now, either before or right after reading this post. It’s a pretty weird game, and you should know it before thinking about applying for a video game programming job here, though I have to warn you, those posts are quite lengthy. You should visit the game’s Game Jolt page too while you’re at it. Also, if you’re looking to get a video game programming job immediately, this isn’t the place for you, as I’ll explain. However, you should still consider this offer.

I Need Help

As I stated in the past, while I tried to learn programming, I’m not very good at it. On top of that, I’m making the art, writing, music, levels, etc. for Randy’s Crazy Mission!., so doing the coding at the same time, especially when I barely know how to, seems too daunting to me. I’ve decided that I’m going to assemble a team to help me with the technical side of things. For now, I am offering two video game programming jobs. I think that would be enough for the time being. I am looking for two programmers to help me with the demo, but I could possibly hire more. While I may learn more about programming in the near future, I would probably still need help.

I recently downloaded the GameMaker engine to use for the project. I originally had the game running on Unity, but- Wha-

Video Game Programming Job Offering Garfield Splut 1

…Apparently the company’s now pieing people for saying their name out loud and not paying for it, I guess…

I decided I’m moving the game to GameMaker because of what the company who owns the previous engine planned to do on the 3̷̡̦̥͕̄͋r̷̍͜d̶̥̜͗͂͆͝͠ 1st of January. Absolutely dreadful. Anyway- Oh come o-

Video Game Programming Job Offering Garfield Splut 2

I guess you get pied for just alluding to them without paying now too… I got pied because they weren’t paid.


Here is the list of requirements I need for potential programmers:

  • You need to have worked on at least one game before.
  • You need to know how to code a 2D platformer, but should also be versatile in what kind of stuff you can program for games.
  • Preferably you should know how to program for a GameMaker project.
  • I want at least one of you to know how to bug fix. Both of you would be ideal.

I think that’s everything.

Translation Job Offer & Script Work

I also want to have all of the game’s text translated to a slew of other languages, so that Randy’s Crazy Mission! could have as wide of an audience as possible. This is also a video game translation position offering. I want to get someone who can (professionally) translate English to a bunch of other languages too. With that said, please consider applying.

On a somewhat related note, I want at least one of the people I hire to look at the game’s script and see if it needs improving. I have a weird writing style, so bouncing-off ideas with someone could help. If none of you consider yourselves to be good at telling what decent writing is, I might possibly get someone else to solely help me with improving the script.


My email address is [email protected]. To apply for the programming position, you need to email me your resume of games you worked on. For the translation position, you can show me the games or other projects you’ve converted to other languages, and tell me all the languages you work with.

It will be a while before anybody can do real work on the game, maybe around a few months. I have to finish outlining the demo. That doesn’t mean preliminary work can’t be done right away though. Again, if you are interested in helping me out, send me an email with your curriculum vitae and in a few months you could get picked. If you don’t know how to program or translate to a lot of languages, but know someone who can do either, please send this to them and see if they’re interested.

If you don’t know anybody who does those things, it’d still be nice if you share this blog with others anyway to help spread the word about this game. Also, you don’t necessarily have to apply right now, since, as I said, I’m going to have to wait a bit before the bulk of the programming starts.

Don’t worry if you weren’t picked for the job, I could hire you when I start work on the rest of the game after the demo is released. I’ll probably need more help for that. This is going to be a bigger game than it seems. If you want to help me out with this game, I recommend keeping up with this blog, so you can change your mind earlier if you end up getting put off by this game’s weirdness.

That’s All for Now


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